A nation on the brink of war.
A conspiracy that threatens the globe.
And one military family, caught in the middle, fighting for freedom.

From a secretive jungle-covered island in the Pacific, to the sands of the Middle East. From the smog-filled alleyways of China, to the passageways of a US Navy destroyer. The War Planners series follows different members of the military and intelligence community as they uncover a Chinese plot to attack America.

Each member of the Manning family has a critical role to play. Technologist David Manning is taken from his family’s home and thrown onto a special CIA task force. Ex-SEAL Chase Manning is sent to team up with a Marine Corps special operations unit. Admiral Charles Manning leads a US Carrier Strike Group, filled with America’s latest and greatest naval technology. And Lieutenant Commander Victoria Manning is the officer in charge of a helicopter detachment on the navy destroyer, the USS Farragut – the only ship that stands in the way of a Chinese onslaught.



Reviewers are raving:

“This is one of the best war series books I have read in years.”

“If you like Brad Thor, Tom Clancy, Brad Taylor, Rick Campbell, et al, you should enjoy this series. Andrew Watts is ex-Navy, a former helicopter pilot, and his military experience really adds a lot to the books.”

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