I’m almost ready to launch book 3 in The War Planners series, Pawns of the Pacific.

So what’s next? Is The War Planners series complete?

I have three book ideas that I plan to work on in the next nine months. (My goal is to launch a book every 3-4 months now that I’m writing as my full time job.)

Book idea #1: Well, this is more of a series idea than a book idea. The working title is “Glidepath”. It will be the first book in a new series. The protagonist is the thirty-something son of a billionaire aerospace tycoon. The son – let’s call him Max for now – has just returned home from working in a mysterious job overseas. He is in Florida to watch his father’s final test flight for an automated commercial airliner. It’s like a space shuttle launch and an iphone reveal all wrapped into one Richard Branson-esque moment…except that the airplane doesn’t respond as expected. It starts descending over the Atlantic Ocean when it should be coming in for a landing. It ends in a tragic plane crash, but the wreckage is never found.

A year later, Max is working for his father’s aerospace company. While on an exotic beach vacation, he meets a woman who says she knows what happened that day. And the plane didn’t crash…

Book idea #2: No title yet for this one. But the idea is this – What if the downfall of the USSR was a purposeful strategy, implemented by the KGB? What if they saw that they were going to lose the Cold War, and decided that their best way to defeat America was to turn us against ourselves?

The idea would be that the flames of increasing partisanship that is crippling our country was a decades-old plan by ex-KGB agents. I think there are a few places I can go with this one. But I’m worried about getting too political. I once heard a priest say: “If you want to be seen, stand up. If you want to be heard, speak up. And if you want to be loved, shut up.”


Book idea #3: The War Planners Book 4…not sure how much I want to give away here. But I’ll say this – it will start with a bang, and the real war will finally begin.