Book 1 in a Brand New Series from Andrew Watts

A world-changing scientific breakthrough. A shocking conspiracy. A thriller that keeps you turning pages…and provides a chilling look at our near future…

In the race to create the world’s first artificial superintelligence, one company leads the pack. The Pax AI Corporation is a collaboration among the world’s leading tech entrepreneurs. The idea behind the company: If an artificial superintelligence was inevitable, it should be created in a way that is safe and beneficial for all of humanity.

But a true AI superintelligence is a creation of unimaginable power. The breakthrough has profound implications for mankind, and no one is certain what will happen when a machine becomes infinitely more intelligent than the smartest human alive.

And whoever controls it, controls us all…

What would the world's most powerful people do, if the discovery was close at hand?
What would you do, if ultimate power was within your grasp?

With FIREWALL, USA Today bestselling author Andrew Watts brings you a fast-paced, cerebral mystery that's part spy novel, part technothriller, and sure to keep you guessing every step of the way.