The War Planners

Book 1 in the War Planners Series

★★★★★ "Finally, a fresh plot appears..."
★★★★★ "As a huge fan of Tom Clancy, this was close..."
★★★★★ "Terrific action. Believable. Frightening to imagine something like this could possibly happen."

A nation on the brink of war.
A conspiracy that threatens the globe.
And one man, caught in the middle, racing to uncover the truth…

Deep in the heart of China, a shadowy billionaire is making plans to attack America. But after the CIA catches wind of the plot, an elite American team is called into action.

Technologist David Manning is one of those activated as part of the joint CIA-DoD Red Cell, but he isn't told why. David must say goodbye to his family and fly halfway around the world on an unmarked government jet. Lena Chou, the charismatic CIA operative in charge of the Red Cell, is already waiting for him there, on a secretive island base. Other experts arrive soon after. Military officers. Intelligence analysts. Defense contractors. A couple dozen of them in all.

Lena tells them the secret. The countdown has begun.

War is coming.

The Red Cell's mandate is simple: Plan out how China might invade the United States. With that information, America can prevent the unthinkable.

But as the experts plan for war, David learns that not all of them intend for America to win...