Just finished the final revisions for Glidepath. My thanks to all of the Beta Readers and the Launch Team members – amazing feedback.

I’m also 25,000 words in to War Planners book #4. It’s got the same cast of characters as book #3, with a few additions. My intent is to launch WP#4 in December, but that could change depending on the story. I’m planning to write 4,5, and 6 all right in a row. I would love to be able to launch them only a month or two apart, but I’m not sure I can write that fast and keep the quality up.

I’ve asked a few readers whether they would prefer shorters stories in rapid succession, or longer stories with more spread out launch dates. So far, the feedback has been 100% for the latter.

We’ll see. In another month, I should have a good first draft complete. I’m still playing around with where the story is going for now.


Want to scare yourself? Here are some of the articles I am reading while researching my next book: