The Pawns of the Pacific audiobook has been released!

You can get you copy on Amazon, Audible, or itunes.  Get it here.

My new novel “Glidepath” – status and expected launch timing

Glidepath will be part of a new series.  It’s about 85% complete through the first draft.  The Beta Readers should expect an email in June with their copy.  The Launch Team will get it in mid-July.  Let me see if I can describe the plot for you.  This is my first stab at this, so go easy.



When Charles Fend announces the Fend 100 aircraft, the world’s first fully autonomous commercial airliner, he is praised for being a pioneer in commercial aviation. The Fend 100 will bring a new day of commercial flying to the world. One where humans take a back seat to the AI machines that fly and navigate over 100,000 flights per day. The first flight is a celebratory spectacle – the Fend headquarters crowded with news teams, technology lovers, and aviation enthusiasts. Everyone is eager to celebrate.

Until something goes wrong. The Fend 100 begins to descend over the Atlantic, and neither the engineers on the ground nor test pilots aboard can override the controls…

But who is responsible?

Is it the wealthy ex-KGB agent, Pavel Morozov, who has shown up from a past Charles Fend had long-forgotten?

Or was it Charles’ son, Max – on the run from the FBI after he was accused of sending Fend Aerospace corporate secrets to a criminal enterprise?

And just who is Max Fend? Is he the man that media makes him out to be? The wild playboy son of an aerospace tycoon. Or is he what the FBI suspects – an international criminal, mixed up in a Russian espionage game? And why is there a top secret personnel file on him that even his FBI investigator isn’t allowed to see?

GLIDEPATH is a pulse-pounding race to uncover the truth, before it is too late…


OK – what did you think?  Since it’s still a work in progress, names and plot details could change.  But so far, so good.  I’ll let you know when it’s ready for primetime – expect the launch to be early September.

Book recommendations for summer reading

Lastly, I’ve been meaning to start a new website that will provide book recommendations for authors and novels that I have really enjoyed.  Some of these are books that I’ve read.  Some are books that I am looking forward to reading soon.  These are affiliate links, so I do get a small commission if you make a purchase after clicking.

Books that I’ve read that I think you’ll love:

The Charm School – Nelson Demille (Buy on Amazon US I Buy on Amazon UK I Buy on iTunes)

Red Storm Rising – Tom Clancy (Buy on Amazon US I Buy on Amazon UK I Buy on iTunes)

The Unlikely Spy – Daniel Silva (Buy on Amazon US I Buy on Amazon UK I Buy on iTunes)

Act of War – Brad Thor (Buy on Amazon US I Buy on Amazon UK I Buy on iTunes)

Books that will be coming out soon that I’m looking forward to reading:

Trap the Devil – Ben Coes (Buy on Amazon US I Buy on Amazon UK I Buy on iTunes)

Blackmail – Rick Campbell (Buy on Amazon US I Buy on Amazon UK I Buy on iTunes)